Lab Profile

Aurélie (Lili) Hérault
Staff Research Associate


I grew up in Paris, France, where I obtained a BS in Biotechnology at l’Ecole National de Chimie Physique et Biologie (ENCPB) in 2004. After my undergraduate studies, I joined the laboratory of Dr. Jessica Zucman-Rossi where I studied genetic alterations in liver cancer. I subsequently become a member of the laboratory of Dr. Francois Radvanyi at the Curie Institute in Paris, where I studied genetic and epigenetic alterations in bladder cancer and obtained my master’s degree in cancer biology in 2011. I joined the Passegué’s lab in September 2013 where I am doing lab managerial duties and studying the bone marrow microenvironment in the context of normal, disease and aging hematopoiesis. In my free time, I express my artistic side through sketching and painting. I love nature and so I enjoy gardening and scuba diving.