Lab Profile

Ted Ho
PhD Student


I grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and went to Harvard and completed a four-year joint bachelor’s/master’s degree program in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology/Bioengineering in 2012. I evaluated ion channels for drug discovery in industry, studied mouse tracheal epithelial stem cells at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital, and developed a novel nanoparticle drug delivery system for siRNA at Harvard. (In addition, I had various experiences studying the economics of scientific research at the National Bureau of Economic Research and working in biotech business development and venture capital).  Upon graduation in 2012 I entered the UCSF Biophysics program within the Integrative Program in Quantitative Biology, and I enthusiastically joined the Passegué lab in 2013! I am studying the role of autophagy in HSC maintenance and function, as well as the causes and mechanisms of aging in HSCs. I am an active member of The American Society for Cell Biology and serve as a co-chair for the Committee for Postdocs and Students.